Recent press for RESTAVRANT. RESTAVRANT (Snakearm) isTroy Murrah on guitar and Tyler Whiteside on drums. Electrocana, roots, punk, country and slide blues would seem to be rough acts to merger but through the mad science of front man Troy Murrah the formula hits the nail...

Frontman Troy Murrah growls over furious slide guitar. Tyler Whiteside rattles away on a custom drum kit made mostly of suitcases, old license plates, and other detritus. Weaving samples and loops into the tracks, they flawlessly blend the organic and the electronic
— Emily Doyle, Gig Junkies

Restavrant (nope, not sure why either) took a whole bunch of genres and created a percussive rumpus that had the crowd rather musically confused but constantly entertained.
— B24/7

From the first song, the energy borders on dangerous when drummer Tyler Whiteside’s makeshift cymbals splinter from his strikes. What follows is an intoxicating blend of DIY punk and old school blues, but far more earnest than you would come to expect from an LA scene of poseur rock.
— Birmingham Review

With their history in mind, it makes perfect sense for the opening act to be Restavrant, a rare breed of a band borne from the Los Angeles scene by two blues fanatics hailing from the Deep South. Restavrant come to Birmingham trucker capped, plaid clad and ready to bring the Texan heat to the stage. From the first song, the energy borders on dangerous when drummer Tyler Whiteside’s makeshift cymbals splinter from his strikes. What follows is an intoxicating blend of DIY punk and old school blues, but far more earnest than you would come to expect from an LA scene of poseur rock... Read more here


Built on big percussive beats – delivered using an upturned bucket over a cleverly disguised snare drum to give the main effect (aided by strategically placed triggers and loops) – their simple, jangly riffs lie somewhere between Seasick Steve, Bob Log, The White Stripes and rising stars The Picturebooks while possessing the hypnotism of watching an unstoppable aneurism developing in your left frontal lobe...

Filling the stage with instruments, the American two-piece brings an explosion of sound to a disappointingly quiet main Academy building – disappointing for the fans who miss out on a killer set. They move from guitar to shredder, smashing the loop pedal as they deliver the kind of metal that reverberates in your chest.

Restavrant is a two-man band, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that just by listening to some of the tunes. The members produce a sound that sounds like a lot more people than just two...
— Gary Schwind, AXS

t's not easy for a band to do something different. After all, since music has been recorded, a lot of ground has been covered. That being said, it's not impossible for a band to come up with something different. Restavrant is one of those bands that does something different - and does it pretty well... READ MORE

Ears Wide Open: Snakearm, ‘This Is It’

Eight years ago, Troy Murrah started a one-man band with no intention of playing fancy venues, but suddenly found himself, his guitar and a junkyard drummer playing country-punk on license plates and turned-over buckets at places like the Troubadour. He called it Restavrant, sort of a joke name that he was stuck with but seemed to suit his fuck-it-let’s-party attitude towards music. He recently laid that band to rest and has re-emerged as Snakearm. ...Read More

Troy Murrah and Tyler Whiteside produce so much foot-stomping music that it’s impossible to just stand there. Murrah is a whiz on guitar and Whiteside doesn’t need a fancy drum kit to produce the beats he does.
— L.A. Record

See more photos from the night and read more at L.A. Record.

EXCLUSIVE: Snakearm – Concrete

When you think “restaurant” you don’t think electro-blues swamp punk band, you think food I don’t have to cook that will probably taste better then that bag of instant noodles I had lined up.  Fortunately the band “Restavrant” is a lot tastier then ramen noodles and could easily rival any culinary experience. While the name has changed, they go by Snakearm now, the music is still in your face, unique, and most of all dance-able in that barn-burning, hillbilly late night drinking session sort of way except replace the toothless with hot chicks and you get Snakearm. ... Read More

Album Review – Restavrant’s “Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs

No, there’s not typos in that title.

I once had a friend who named his dog “Brad”. When I asked him why the name “Brad”, he told me because it was the last possible name anyone would ever give a dog. I don’t know if that is the methodology behind the deep blues bandRestavrant, or the title of their latest album, Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs, with it’s conversative, almost plaintive tone. But just like Smuckers jelly, don’t worry about the funny name, just shut up and enjoy. And once you experience the wanton, undefinable, and downright violent approach of this band, you will agree only weirdness would serve to define them.  Read More

Restavrant draws from early rock influences and dirty old blues sensibility to churn out unique flavor.

If it wasn’t for a Bob Log III show, Troy Murrah might be another ass-kissing suit in an uptight architectural design firm. Instead he makes music with Restavrant, which perform Friday at East Village with The People, The Audio Waltz and Jordan Smart.  Read More

United By Electronics: Bella Novela, Restavrant and Fartbarf at Alex’s Bar March 28

One of the common complaints about Long Beach's music scene is that instead of having a bunch of good shows to choose from on any given weekend night, there is usually only one. It's never, "Are you going to that show?" but more, "Are you going to the show?"  Read More

Review: ‘Sawdust and Seathorns’ by Restavrant

Los Angeles-based junkyard roots and neo-blues duo Restavrant started out by returning to the tomb of Guiliano Medidici. After that, they carved cheetahs. Both proved very unforgettable and enjoyable albums loaded with originality and inspiration. This talented twosome’s latest EP Sawdust and Seathorns is yet another reminder of the duo’s musical facility and ingenuity. With four new songs, each one bearing the Restavrant signature sound in its own way, this EP stands as tall as the band’s previously released material. And that is level of consistency that fans greatly appreciate and admire.  Read More

#AOTW- Restavrant

Generally the last week of the month is used to look back and reflect on a Legendary Artist. We revisit their material; shower them with love, and all that happy crap. This week wasn’t feeling it though. I really wasn’t. Too much of my time is spent listening to people tell stories about bands that they knew back in the day and how music today is just ripping off their stuff. Who cares man? As time goes on, I find myself having less and less patience for people who feel the need to tell you how much better things “used to be”.  Read More

The Best Bands in the US(LA): Restavrant

The Best Bands in the US(LA) profiles some of the best bands/musicians in the underrated LA music scene, which many (including myself) contend is the best in America.

Whenever I hear or see Restavrant -- the LA-based electro/rock/punk/country/blues duo from Victoria, Texas -- the same thing always goes through my head: if the White Stripes can be one of the biggest bands in the world, these guys certainly deserve to make a living playing music.  Read More


Upon seeing the spelling of Restavrant's name you may ask, "Why are they misspelled like that?" Who fucking cares? This Texas-bred, L.A.-based duo's shows will have you pogo-ing, stomping and slamming like the first time you crammed into a DIY basement show. With a grimy blend of hillbilly hootenanny and relentless beats, their live act will leave you sweaty and happy -- kind of like a honky tonk bar wrapped in a hurricane, wrapped in prairie ball lightning. Oh, and their drummer plays a hubcap and old license plates. This is the punkbilly band that will be headlining the Thunderdome post-Mayan-apocalypse.  Read More