RESTAVRANT (Snakearm) is Troy Murrah on guitar and Tyler Whiteside on drums. Electrocana, roots, punk, country and slide blues would seem to be rough acts to merger but through the mad science of front man Troy Murrah the formula hits the nail...


"I gave myself the name 'Restavrant' as a one-man band years ago, never thinking it would stick with me for 8 years. It was a joke--mocking the idea of giving my band a name--especially a one-man band. It was kinda like Duchamp's 'urinal' being coined art. I was coining my band restaurant and spelling it with a 'v'...hmm just cause of my appreciation of Roman history. I didn't think a live show was on the horizon... just house parties and street corners. Then, a drummer got involved and people started asking to book us. I tried to change the name at this point, but the venues and the label we had signed with said it was too late. 'People already know you for that dumb name.' Our whole approach to playing music was a kind of 'fuck it' attitude. 'Let's create a party...at least for ourselves.' We were seeing a lot of boring live shows at the time. We aimed for the opposite.  Now, 8 or more years later, that drummer has moved on and my approach to music making has slightly changed. Tyler (the drummer that has been with me the past four years) and I still bring as much energy to live shows as possible, but the 'fuck it' attitude is not as overboard... just wiser. Now, there is a goal to create music with integrity. We care way too much about what we make for any of our songs to be unsubstantial. Every song will be substantial. They will all have a place... make you dance, make you pissed, make you cry, make you laugh... you will feel something, might even hate it..." -Troy Murrah of Restavrant

To see original artwork and décor designed by Troy Murrah, visit BUILT QUILT.